Thursday, March 15, 2012

How To Ping Google Blog Manually

Ping according to the meaning of the word means the Whistle. Moments like if you do the whistling? Suppose you want to draw attention to your pet birds chirping, you will whistle. That's one example.

Well, in this case means almost the same as described above.
Ping to Google
Machines that mean calling Google Google crawler to visit our blog and our latest articles index.
So what is the function of Ping itself?

Well, if you had just launched an article (publish), would not be directly detected by Google, this is because Google takes time to crawl any existing website. There are articles indexed slow, some are quickly indexed (in this case, we consider articles have not we give the backlink).

Well, if you want our latest articles indexed by google, then we must make the name Ping. Actually, not pinged nor anything because Google certainly would mengindexnya. But back to the reasons, the engine Google also takes time to do so.

Ping Google blog articles to do it yourself manually, or automatically through the service also site.
auto ping

Now we only discuss the ways that just because I think the manual to an automated blogger friend has implemented all.

How To Ping Google blog article to manually:

A. First go to this address,
2. Enter the url would you Ping your blog to Google in the field provided. For example
3. Submit Press Blog
If you have any notification, it means you've managed to Ping Blog to Google.

Okay, so first explanation. Create the master in this area, please ralatnya passing comment when things are not right because I was just learning and not yet well aware of this problem. hehe

And for all, if you feel I have rarely been to his house, I apologize profusely. (slow network mode: on).


  1. That's alright.
    Anyway, thanks for the info. :D

  2. how to ping fast google?

  3. Excellent Tip.

    i implemented this tip, i am waiting for my blog to crawl in google

    Thanks for your hardwork

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