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How to Download YouTube Video to Android

How to Download YouTube Video to Android

How to Download YouTube Video to Android. For bloggers who like to watch videos on YouTube, certainly had no desire to download videos from YouTube to your Android phone, right? However, YouTube is Flash video format (.flv) and requires an additional player to the video can be played in the Android phone.

But wait, for those who want to download YouTube videos to Android with the file format in accordance with the format supported by Android, you can use alternative. The trick is to use a downloader application called "TubeX". In addition to providing download facility, this application also provides a video player, the two functions in one software which can be used interchangeably.

If you only want the audio version of his course (Only sound and no picture), TubeX also offer the option of downloading in MP3 format. The trick was fairly easy, that is by choosing Save as MP3 when using this application.

What to do if you want to use TubeX application are, how to  download YouTube video to android :

1. Download app TubeX in
2. Install the downloaded file to your HP Android.
3. Select the video that you want to download, or can also avail the facility of 'Search' on the application.

4. How to Download YouTube Video to Android. Click on the download icon at the bottom screen. 
5. Wait a few moments until the application is finished analyzing the video, and who display format can be downloaded.

6. How to Download YouTube Video to Android. The download will be displayed in the "Notification Bar". To see the files that have been downloaded, it can open the tab "Download".
7. Furthermore, to play the video you just highlight the video file to appear notification "Player". Or, it could also be opened from the menu HPDI gallery folder "TubeX".

Easy enough right? A little trick is easy How to Download YouTube Video to Android and add video to your Android collection. Good luck!
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