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How to Create AutoText on Android

How to Create AutoText on Android

Because this year more and more android users, Satrio want to share a little tutorial about cell phones / mobile android tutorial at this time then I will of share tips on How to Create AutoText on Android phone, the which means making arguably very easy.

Please follow the Airways below for how to create autotext on android :
1. Download first the ingredients:- Smart Keyboard Pro (3.13.0) can be downloaded on the blackmarket.- (latest file and more autotext in it.)(Password: ewabloggerock) 

2. Install the Smart Keyboard Pro the which you have downloaded on your android phone.
3. Save the file That you have downloaded in a folder in the sdcard smartkeyboardpro. 
4. Log Settings menu and then select the language and keyboard. 
5. Click the checkbox in the Smart keyboard pro. 
6. Then click the settings pro smart keyboard underneath. 
7. After that, click Backup Settings ->> Restore from sdcard ->> Ok. 
8. Still in the menu, click Text prediction setting. 
- Auto-capitalization: on
- Quick fix: off (order not automatically be replaced so typing)
- Show suggestion: on- Autocomplete: off (so as not to Disrupt the (automatic Replacing the word) are so spaced)
- Swap punctuation: off- Space after picking: off 
- Contact Dictionary: on / off (optional, if you want to take the suggestion of a contact name in the phone)- Always suggest: on (to Appear suggestion what was typing something).
How to Create AutoText on Android. Adding AutoText for the easy way:- Still in the menu settings (Text prediction) are looking very bottom click the Custom AutoText
- Then click the add autotext 
- Column 1 word That gave rise to autotextnya example Will Appear later haha ​​° ° ° =)) H h ª ª ª ª ª ª ª h ª h ° ° ° 
- Column 2 the BB autotext
9. Open the file you downloaded Earlier: BB AutoText (there are many once-autotext autotext the which you can add).10. After all the backup is complete go to menu, settings again to the make a backup of this. In order settingannya not lost. The last backup Will be replaced with a new backup.

The way to change the samsung keyboard with smart keyboard pro, you just press (example SS) Appear the words would later enter the method and then select Smart keyboard pro.
Maybe just a little tutorial 'How to Create AutoText on Android' That Could Provide Satrio. Easy, is not it? Good luck! :)
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  1. So you need a special keyboard for this?

  2. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
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