Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How do I get the old facebook ?

How do I get the old facebook ?


Hello bloggers, this time I 'll try to share about " How do I get the old facebook ? " Satrio think this post not need much introduction, so just go ahead. Not long from now, Facebook introduced a new look. That is, facebook facebook timeline or chronology. Facebook timeline is a new facebook profile view is tailored to our chronology as a facebook user.

For those of you who do not use this new type of profile you can enable it via this link . But if we want to restore to the original view, how do I get the old facebook ?

Before you use facebook profile timeline (chronology facebook) you are given the opportunity for 7 days before you actually publish it, and seen by people. This seven-day time give you the opportunity to change the look of the chronology as desired before others see.

Include several photos and chronology of the popular news. Hide or highlight whatever you want, and add the missing. Then How do I get the old facebook ?

How do I get the old facebook ?
Apparently, if you have been using facebook timeline can not seem to have changed back to your old profile view. Therefore, learn first before you use facebook timeline.

If you have used it and want to organize what will be shown, anyone can see, immediately wrote to
this link

If you want to learn more about the new facebook profile chronology can through this link

How do I get the old facebook ? I also refer you to the page like facebook tips, to get tips about the latest in
facebook click this

So if you already use facebook timeline, you can not change the conclusion to the old facebook. How do I get the old facebook ?

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Get Root Access Android

How to Get Root Access Android

How to Get Root Access Android, i really like my personal Google android, it's a fantastic bit of technologies. Obviously a person understood We would need to get underlying entry, and today I'll let you know exactly how. Keep in mind, I'm not really accountable should you mess upward your own google android. Should you large rock your own telephone deliver me personally a note as well as We might be able to assist you to repair your own telephone. Keep in mind, DO THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL RISK!

Before How to Get Root Access Android, you will require these:
Root Image of Android - DOWNLOAD
SDK of Android - DOWNLOAD
SU File of Android - DOWNLOAD
USB Driver of Android - DOWNLOAD

How to Get Root Access Android, okay, therefore after you have every thing downloaded, the actual fun starts.
1. Set up the actual Google android SDK on your pc. Set up the actual document straight to your own D: generate. This really is fairly pain-free and really should obtain all you need to achieve underlying use of the telephone by way of your own order quick.

2. Connect your own Google android in to your pc by way of the actual HARDWARE cable television which included the actual google android.

3. Whenever you blocked inside your google android, your own telephone motivated you to definitely attach the actual Facts. Go on and click on Attach.

4. Correct click My personal Pc, as well as click on qualities. Within the eye-port which sprang upward click on gadget supervisor.

5. Within the gadget supervisor you need to observe your own google android (motorola A855) by having an exclamation stage alongside this. Correct click this as well as click on revise car owner. Whenever motivated for that car owner stage this in order to exactly where a person down loaded the actual google android car owner.

6. Following, visit exactly where a person down loaded the actual google android underlying picture as well as alter the actual title through android-root. squat in order to revise. squat. Following duplicate the actual revise. squat document for your Facts. To get this done, click on My personal Pc as well as within the eye-port which appears you need to begin to see the google android detailed presently there. The actual document which starts whenever you click the google android is the Facts.

7. Change your own telephone away. When the Google android offers driven lower, maintain lower the actual “X” crucial about the keypad whilst pushing as well as keeping the ability upon switch. Once the gadget footwear you'll be within what's known as “recovery mode”. You will notice the image by having an exclamation stage onto it.

8. Push the amount upward, and also the digital camera switch. Once you do that you will notice a listing show up, while using D-pad about the slip away computer keyboard, choose Revise. squat. This can add the brand new google android picture along with underlying entry.

9. Once the gadget reboots you will be aware you had been prosperous through searching inside your software menus (Base slider). Should you try looking in presently there and find out just a little “anandroid ninja” which states superuser permissions, you've effectively acquired underlying use of your own google android.

10. Open your own order quick on your pc through clicking on Begin > Operate > Kind “CMD” to the operate order and also the order quick ought to open. Following Key in “cd anandroid-sdk-windows/tools” you need to begin to see the document alter. Following key in “adb shell” and you'll begin to see the quick alter to some “$”.

How to Get Root Access Android, Congrats at this point you possess underlying use of your own google android, have some fun as well as pleased hacking!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Install Siri Interface on the iPhone 4

How to Install Siri Interface on the iPhone 4

How to Install Siri Interface on the iPhone 4, you need to prepare :
4 iPhone or iPod Touch 4G that runs on IOS 5. You can download the redsn0w jailbreak IOS 5.
i-funbox or iTools, and other system tools.
iFile >> Download
Download file Siri. >> Download 

How to Install Siri Interface on the iPhone 4, how to install Siri on your device :1. Extract the file siri.rar2. Copy the folder that was extracted AssistantServices.framework with the other i-funbox tool to the folder /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/3. Copy all files to a folder on SpringBoard_Assistant_pics/system/library/coreservice/ directory [NOTE: Do not copy the folder].4. Modification "N90AP.plist" (iPhone 4) "N81AP.plist" (iPod touch Touch4) in /system/library/coreservice/ the file. Then add <key>assistant</ key><true/> at after <key>720p</ key> <true/>, then save and exit.5: Reboot your iPhone, and press the Home button when the screen is locked, you'll see Siri UI.

How to Install Siri Interface on the iPhone 4
*Please note step 4, you should use iFile editing. Do not use itools and ifunbox to Modify, respring will appear on DFU mode loop.*If the device is still respring loop, you can remove <key> assistant </ key> Restore N90AP.list <true/> in the initial state, then reboot.*If the above steps can be, but still can not successfully call the Siri, and only appears sound control or DFU *Loop, then the meaning is to fail. Try to use another folder AssistantServices.framework replace one, which may vary with the plant. AssistantServices.framework.rar >> Download
To restore the voice control, you need to delete an assistant in the N90AP.list.

How to Install Siri Interface on the iPhone 4, Updating :
Fix respring loop
Note that after you copy the folder AssistantServices.framework to the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/
Please set the folder permissions to 755 AssistantServices.frameworkThen modify N90AP.plist (iPhone 4); N81AP.plist (iTouch4) in / system / library / coreservice / with iFile.
Find <key>720p</ key><true/>, add <key>1080p</ key><true/>, after <key>assistant</ key><true/>, then save and exit.
May be useful for readers.
How to Install Siri Interface on the iPhone 4

We are not responsible for any losses resulting from this tutorial.

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How to Use an iPod in The Water

How to Use an iPod in the water

How to Use an iPod in the water

LAS VEGAS - How to Use an iPod in the water. The product of the iPod that may not be able to buy at a cheap price or you have to spend more in another. In a demonstration, an iPod is operated in the water. Do not use protection at all, used for many hours. iPod is using the system waterblock.

How to Use an iPod in the water. Waterblock is a coating used on parts of the electronic device so as to make them against water damage. It is not like humans who sweat going, but like taro leaves that can not be wetted. How do I use the iPod in the water? Certainly very interesting to see but if we see it right away, really impressive!

How to Use an iPod in the water. System need to be taken away before the installation of this waterblock covering. Subsequently placed in a vacuum appropriate slot. Are often more high priced to manage your specific devices. And so people are not able to manage to get their unique material WaterBlocked.

How to Use an iPod in the water. Although if at all given to automated ingredients from the creation practice prior to a cellular phone seemed to be set up, cost "less in comparison with the money necessary for a couple low cost earbuds, inch claimed Rob Peterson, home connected with advertising and marketing intended for HzO.

How to Use an iPod in the water. The goods is currently being tried, Mr. Peterson claimed. This product did wonders productively for a interesting depth of merely one meter, even so the corporation has not yet located some sort of control to help the time it can certainly keep on being submerged.

How to Use an iPod in the water. Is usually that enjoyable technological know-how will appear with your technology soon is usually your think.

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