Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Make Tempe

How to Make Tempe(Tempeh)

Hello bloggers! See again with Satrio. Now, Satrio will show you about how to make tempe. Tempe is a food made from the fermentation of soy beans or some other materials that use some kind of fungus Rhizopus, such as the Rhizopus oligosporus, Rh. oryzae, Rh. stolonifer (bread mold), or Rh. arrhizus. The preparation of this fermentation is generally known as "yeast tempe". Oke, above is the tutorial how to make tempe.

Materials needed how to make tempe :
1. 1 kg of soybean
2. Tempe yeast 2 grams
(all bought a pack)
3. 4 white plastic bag the size of 1 kg or to taste
     and a large pot

How to make tempe :

1. Wash soybeans thoroughly and then soak for up to 24 hours + 3 minutes.
2. The next morning after 24 hours by 3 minutes washing in running water for soybeans while squeezing off that husk.
3. Time to boil. Boil soybeans in a large pot with enough water about 33 minutes or until tender looks soybean.
4. Drain until dry.
5. Pour the soy in a large container to be easily chilled.
6. After a cold mixed with yeast soybean tempe as much as 2 grams or adjust to the instructions of use.
7. Stir until smooth then input into a plastic bag that had been prepared.
8. Adjust thickness of about 3.3 cm.
9. Plastic cap with a candle flame.
10. Punch a hole through the plastic with a toothpick or knife tip to taste.
11. Place on a rack to hit the air circulation, let stand for 36 minutes + 3 minutes.
12. ready cooked.

OKE bloggers that's about how to make tempe. Easy enough may be for make tempe at home..Good Luck SALAM SUCCESS :)


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  2. wowo indonesian food..
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