Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How do I get the old facebook ?

How do I get the old facebook ?


Hello bloggers, this time I 'll try to share about " How do I get the old facebook ? " Satrio think this post not need much introduction, so just go ahead. Not long from now, Facebook introduced a new look. That is, facebook facebook timeline or chronology. Facebook timeline is a new facebook profile view is tailored to our chronology as a facebook user.

For those of you who do not use this new type of profile you can enable it via this link . But if we want to restore to the original view, how do I get the old facebook ?

Before you use facebook profile timeline (chronology facebook) you are given the opportunity for 7 days before you actually publish it, and seen by people. This seven-day time give you the opportunity to change the look of the chronology as desired before others see.

Include several photos and chronology of the popular news. Hide or highlight whatever you want, and add the missing. Then How do I get the old facebook ?

How do I get the old facebook ?
Apparently, if you have been using facebook timeline can not seem to have changed back to your old profile view. Therefore, learn first before you use facebook timeline.

If you have used it and want to organize what will be shown, anyone can see, immediately wrote to
this link

If you want to learn more about the new facebook profile chronology can through this link

How do I get the old facebook ? I also refer you to the page like facebook tips, to get tips about the latest in
facebook click this

So if you already use facebook timeline, you can not change the conclusion to the old facebook. How do I get the old facebook ?

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