Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Download File on Scribd

How to Download File on Scribd pretty easy, just need to email or facebook you can already download the files you're looking at Scribd. But lately there is news that in order to download file on Scribd have to pay first. Whether or not the news I know less and I would not bother, because there is a How To Download File on Scribd without register alias does not need to pay (if indeed it is true). 
Download File on Scribd
Scribd has a lot of files stored there. Thousands and even millions of files are in the beginning of the Scribd shaped word document files (doc), pdf and so forth. And if it is true Scribd is now used commercially for there we can download files, you need not worry: there's a very easy and fast to download files on Scribd without registers.

How to Download Files on Scribd without the Register?
Of course it is in your mind is not ??!!! Relax wrote .. no need to rush. Until well into the later discussion of how to How To Download File on Scribd without Register. Set the first breath and loosen the muscles before your eyes .. he he ...It's ready! Let's continue the discussion How to Download File on Scribd without Register
Please follow the step below to download the file on Scribd :
First, of course, first open the website Scribd dot com and search for the file you want to download. For example we look for files with the keyword "Gingrich Bulgarian" and then press Enter
Second, will come a lot of files related to "Gingrich Bulgarian" click on the file you select and pay close attention to the link in the address bar download the file on Scribd
Third, replace the "/ doc" with "/ mobile / documents /" and delete the title document download file on Scribd
Press Enter to download files at Scribd then save the file on your computer at your Scribd.

how to download files without register
How??!! Easy not download files on Scribd without register first?? And so this paper does not "stale", please practiced alone.
Finally, try this trick and please comment if there are less obvious with how to download files on Scribd.
source : http://cahborneo[dot]com/download-file-di-scribd-register

How to Pay for a Home Stairlift System

How to Pay for a Home Stairlift Systems

Hello Blogger! Good Morning ..

Satrio will be a little review about How to Pay for a Home Stairlift System, buy stairlift for your home business can be very expensive, it all depends on type of elevator system required by you and in what state your personal finances. There is a big difference in price among the various residential elevator, but do not lose hope. It is possible that most people with mobility at home products primarily to see if you know what to do.

Here are some basic suggestions on how to pay the stairlift at home :

Personal saving - Of course, the best way to finance this project, the company to pay for mobility products and installation costs. Because of the steps can vary from about $ 1,500 to $ 15,000, this is probably not a good choice for you. Remember, however, that when you get the cash to pay for this product, you may quality for large tax cuts that actually will return the total cost. They have the right to cut, by ensuring that prescription from your doctor stating that you need mobility assistance, work.

To see if you can not have the money you make with companies that want to buy, bank or financial institution about the possibility of obtaining a loan - a loan. You can also use the Department of Housing and Urban (HUD) Development of information that can check for a reverse mortgage to pay for this kind of accessibility equipment. If you own your home, you are in a good position to qualify for a reverse mortgage.

Society and government - For those who do not have access to funds to pay directly or are not able to qualify for a loan, there are local agencies that provide assistance to people on fixed incomes or with a disability. You can with clubs like the Lions Club and many other programs in the community, helping people who need to check. Federal agencies like the Veterans Administration can also help you in the purchase of mobility aids at home if you qualify.

There are several ways to pay stairlift for your home, if only certain tasks. Let's not lack of stone, when it comes to securing funding to install a lift home that is right for your stay. Currently there are more and more road funding for their mobility products, the way to his house, without asking to remain available for the move.

Visit to learn how many steps and what you're financing costs.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles[dot]com/6774153

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Create a List of Blog Content

How to Create a List of Blog Content

Heloo bloggers! 

Meet again with Satrio. Okay today Satrio will make a post about how to create a list of blog content. Speaking problem how to create a list of blog content is actually very easy, we may only need a script. So for bloggers who do not have a list of contents please consider How to Create a List of Blog Content :

1. Please visit the web address in
2. Enter your blogspot domain will be created sitemap.
3. Click the button "Create Blogger Sitemap"
4. Continue to submit the sitemap has been created on the search engines.

May be only that. Hope how to create a list of blog content article's useful :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Create A Hair Knot

How To Create A Hair Knot

Good night bloggers!

Nowadays Satrio will discuss about how to create a hair knot.

Well, let us refer to some of these words.
A knot of hair is hairstyle is great for casual or formal wear. Medium to long That Will Frizzy hair is longer Desirable Meant for perfect outcome. You can make a great knot or classic, you can make a lot of knots to create an elaborate hairstyles for weddings and other special occasions.

Well maybe it's introduction in this post, then following these are the steps for how to create a hair knot :

1. Clean hair each day or even the minimum hrs before you Decide to Produce hair knots. Newly cleaned Actually locks is harder to utilize with this hairdo.

2. Brush your hair completely as well as utilize the sparkle of the serum to Prevent flyways. Any boar bristle brush to remember is most beneficial regarding producing glow.

3. Produce a ponytail in the rear of your face having a flexible protected music group. Break down the ponytail inside a couple of and also take the particular head of hair follicle through a lengthy taut. Have close to the music group as well as the cover of this The flexible music round the flag group. Bobby particular strand directly into the spot and also this may help the stretchy protected group.

4. Twist your own ponytail from the actual Towards the flexible music group Towards the finishes as well as round the cover of this music group beginning about the remaining aspect from the music group. Work with a tiny glow of serum on your own Palms prior to deciding to perspective to stop flyways.

5. Tuck the actual finishes Beneath the knots as well as safe from the actual attributes of the knots along with little or even bobby big hooks, with respect to the heaviness of the locks.

6. Spew hair marginally. Sleek free fur in to location.

Yeaaahhhh that's it my friends ... Hopefully this article how to create a hair knot can be useful to my friends. SALAM SUCCESS:)

Quote from ehow[dot]com/how_2257787_create-hair-knot.html

Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to Make a Natural Perfume

How to Make a Natural Perfume

Haloooooo blogger friends!

How are you today? Sure is good, right? Satrio hope all will be fine. Okay this time Satrio will discuss about 'how to make a natural perfume' that can be made at home!

This perfume is a perfume oil recipes based on natural therapies, so for maximum results apply only slightly in the veins of the body such as behind the ears, on wrists and neck.

Instantly! The following are things that need to be prepared how to make a natural perfume :

- 2 tea spoons jojoba oil (for sensitive skin use 3).
- The selection of essential oils (about 20 drops piesse or see chart below my favorite mix).
- Eye dropper jojobaoilbenefits1
- Small glass vials
- Small channel
- Strip of blotting paper

Then the following are the 'steps how to create a natural perfume' :
1. Select 3 or 4 essential oils. Using the basic rules for selecting at least 1 of each record, upper, middle and bottom (see list below)
2. Place a few drops of oil that you choose in the proportion that you want to use them to a strip of blotting paper, let stand for about 5 minutes then take a sniff to see if you have reached your desired effect, then correct if necessary.
3. Pour 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil into a glass bottle using a funnel or eye dropper if necessary, a teaspoon each equal to 40 drops.
4. Add your essential oils. You will need about 20 drops of essential oils in the proportions that you have done.
5. Close and then give a good shake and then sniff to test, correct if necessary just adds one extra drop at a time until you reach your desired scent.
6. Leave a homemade perfume to blend and mature in cool dark place for 12 hours before using.

Okee maybe only that, Satrio hope the article about 'how to make natural perfume' is useful for all blogger friends. SALAM SUCCESS:)

qoute from vietskin[dot]com

Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Create Blogroll

How to Create Blogroll

Good morning blogger friends!
In the post this morning Satrio will discuss about 'How to Create Blogroll'.

As bloggers, we usually add a link to a fellow blogger on our blog. The longer the blogroll will increase rapidly with a lot of time. If the number of blogroll is in the hundreds or even thousands, it would be a problem because the space will be filled friends blog address.

Well, now Satrio will show you how to create a blogroll, a box to put your link list of friends. You are able to fill up this along with as numerous hyperlinks, which dimension won't develop. Thus saving space on your blog or sidebar.

Here's the code that must be blogger friends to copy and place in your blog or your sidebar to create blogroll :

("Add Page Element -> HTML / Java Script").

<div style="border: 1px solid rgb(153, 153, 153);
overflow: auto;
width: 200px;
height: 300px;
text-align: center; ">

#link1 <br />
#link2 <br />
#link3 <br />


- Text width: 200px; and height: 300px; is actually dimension from the container, you are able to change it out based on your home or even sidebar dimension.
- Alter the written text "#link1,#link2, #link3 etc" together with your buddies hyperlink checklist.

Yeaaahhh that's it my friends how to create blogroll. Good Luck SALAM SUCCESS :)

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How to Create Share Button in Blog

How to Create Share Button in Blog

Good morning blogger friends, I hope the day is fun and given provision by god almighty. In the post this morning Satrio will discuss about 'how to create share button in blog'.

Perhaps friends bloggers already understand how to create share button in blog like this. But there is no harm in it if Satrio a little will share about how to create share button in blog.

Well, just go ahead without further ado here are the steps how to create share button in blog :

1. Log into the site
2. Then on display at the bottom there are 3 choices, you need to do is choose the style you want to use
3. Press the 'get the code'
4. After that copy jacascript :

<! - AddThis Button BEGIN ->
<div class="addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style ">
<a class="addthis_button_facebook_like" fb:like:layout="button_count"> </ a>
<a class="addthis_button_tweet"> </ a>
<a class="addthis_button_google_plusone" g:plusone:size="medium"> </ a>
<a class="addthis_counter addthis_pill_style"> </ a>
</ div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </ script>
<! - AddThis Button END ->

5. Then input the code into blogger.
6. Login to Blogger> go to Edit HTML> Click Expand Widget Templates> Then look for the word <div class='post-footer'>. (If a hard look just use ctrl-F and then fill in the word)
7. Then enter the code above, under the word <div class='post-footer'>
8. Click save templates and see what happens.

That's how to create share button in blog.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Download And Install BitDefender Antivirus Scanner In Linux

Well, this is the second post after Satrio discuss about how to create privacy policy page instantly.

Antivirus for Linux? Not wrong?

Of course not!

Very warranted if up to now there is no virus that capable to infect even multiply in this Linux operating system. However, it is better if we use the antivirus for Linux just in case.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Create Privacy Policy Page Instantly

How to create privacy police page instantly ?

Hello bloggers! How are you today? Hopefully God blessing to all of you who have dropped here to read this blog. Furthermore, Satrio will share about "how to make a direct police privacy page". For the next post, Satrio may continue to discuss about how to install BitDefender antivirus in linux.

Perhaps bloggers are wanted to do business with google adsense, but not yet had a privacy policy page. Of course with this lack, bloggers are not accepted in google adsense application. So, here Satrio will discuss how to create privacy police page instantly, could it be? The answer, of course it could. Then how to create privacy police page instantly?

Can not wait to find out how to create privacy police page instantly? Eeeeeitsss wait, actually that is necessary for privacy policy google adsense publisher. But if bloggers want to have instant privacy policy page, follow this way to create a privacy policy page :
  1. Please go to this site 'serprank' to create privacy policy page instantly.
  2. Enter the address / url blog / website and email address. Do not forget to check Google Adsense (because here we want to make the Google Adsense Program Policy).
  3. Click Create and complete Privacy Policy. Copy of Program Policy incipient and insert into your blog page.
Easy, is not it? That is the way to create a privacy policy page, if you have any questions please comment on this article, good article How to create privacy police page instantly. Salam Success :)