Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Conduct a la Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick

How to Conduct a la Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick - Christiano Ronaldo. This is one of the best football players I like because of his skill in playing the ball. The ball if it was at his feet, looks like not controlled by foot but by the mind.

Christiano Ronaldo, who began to shine his name under the auspices of the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has many advantages compared to other players, one of which is in executing the free kick.
Nah. I have some tips and tricks for you football fans who wish to have Christiano Ronaldo free kick like this:

The first focus on the views and find a gap where will you go. With a focus on which direction would you go to, it can make your mind more focused when kicking the ball. By the time you find a gap or a goal, do not let your eyes be read by your opponent so you siasatilah perspective.

Third, put your foot behind the ball, taking 5 to 6 steps and open legs. Do not be so wide open legs as it will change your balance.
This step is done so that we can predict the distance of the foot with the ball and ran at the foot force will also affect the strength of the leg to kick the ball, direction and rotation of the ball.

The next step is ran by taking 3 to 4 large steps, then kick the ball with any part of the shoe as shown above. This section is used to having a ball being kicked in the right direction or certainty because if you use the front, then the resulting ball is directed, can turn to right or left.

Position the feet and the ball like the picture above. The next kick the ball as shown above. This section is used to lift the ball can not be too high and not too low. Use the force corresponding to the distance of the goal. Note also the direction of the wind, because wind can also change the direction of flight of the ball.
Please try, remember the more often you exercise, the more control of this kick.
Besides having a good free kick, Cristiano Ronaldo also has a qualified skills, see Christiano Ronaldo skills through this video.


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