Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Upgrade OS Blackberry

How to Upgrade OS Blackberry

For blogger who using smartphone like blackberry and has un-update OS, this post will help you to upgrade your OS Blackberry. How to upgrade OS Blackberry is not difficult. We'll do that easily. Just prepare your smart phone and internet connection we, we will upgrade OS Blackberry. NOTE : if fatal error happened, please prepare Blackberry wipe to re-install your OS.

Here is the way, How to Upgrade OS Blackberry :

1. Install Desktop Manager (DM) in the PC / laptop. DM can be obtained from the cd in the box when buying BB. Can also download here.
2. Install the OS files that will be used to upgrade. OS files can be obtained from the official site, click here to download from the official site. Choose the appropriate carrier (operator). Can also be obtained from the local link.
3. Close DM in the open position. Turn off (off) screensaver on your PC / laptop.
4. If you download the OS files are not suitable carriers, then the windows explorer to do the search (including system and hidden files) files with the name 'vendor.xml' after meet erase the file (using WindowsVista, can be found at: C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader). If the file according to the carrier, leave it alone.
5. Plug BB into the PC / laptop via the USB data cable. Open DM. If there is a request to upgrade the os canceled first.
6. BB manual backup using DM.
7. Backup is complete, go into application loader. If there is demand for blackberry enter the password, enter pasword (if there is no pasword, just click ok)
8. Select add / remove application. If normal will emerges all the program files will be installed. Please choose language and program / ​​OS default application who want to install anything on the Blackberry. Follow the instructions in the DM, and wait until the process is complete.
9. Upgrade is complete, unplug the data cable, restart again his BB, close DM, and uninstall the OS files from your PC / laptop (optional).
10. If the upgrade fails or there is a fatal error, get ready for BB wipe and re-install the OS again.

Well.. That is my friend, Satrio hope this tutorial useful for you.  'How to Upgrade OS Blackberry' SALAM SUCCESS :)


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