Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Add Account to Android

How to Add Account to Android

Hi blogger! Good evening, at this time Satrio will share about how to add account to android. May be, you have a lot of email. Office email, blog email, etc. Well, if you have android phone and you will sinc your email, here is the way how to add account to android :

1. At your home screen, find setting and click it.
2. After that find accounts and sinc, click it.

3. Then, click 'add account'.
4. Fill the blank with your email and password.

5. After that click sign in.
6. Now your email have been added.
7. Enjoy !

Okay blogger, may be just it that Satrio can share. Satrio's hope this article 'how to add account to android' useful for you. SALAM SUCCESS! :)

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