Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Backup Bookmarks File in Mozilla Firefox

Your mozilla in trouble? Confused my friends want to reinstall the software but was afraid to file a bookmark lost? Now no need to worry anymore for that matter. Because in this chance Satrio will share to you about How to backup the files Bookmarks In Mozilla Firefox.

Well, maybe my friends are googling about
How to Backup Bookmarks File in Mozilla Firefox. Surely there is loads of ropes. Before Satrio try to share the science we know what it's worth bookmarking it.

Bookmark is a great way to save or bookmark a site address that we consider important so that any time we need, can visit the site without typing or searching the site address again will we go, simply by clicking an existing bookmark file.

Then how to backup bookmarks file in mozilla firefox?

Ways to save or backup your bookmarks in mozilla firefox you can follow the steps below :

* One-click menu "Firefox" in the browser on the left side of the orange

* Select the Bookmark

* Select the menu "Import And Backup"

* Then Select 'Backup' or 'Export HTML' Then save the file according to your wishes can document etc.

If at any time Mozilla Firefox is in trouble and had to reinstall because of a bookmark that there also be deleted, you simply restore / restore bookmarks file in a way IMPORT or RESTORE.

Easy enough right?
Satrio's hope this tutorial is useful. How to backup the files bookmarks in mozilla firefox.

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