Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How To Increase Battery Life of Android

How To Increase Battery Life of Android


For bloggers who use android smart phone, the battery is very wasteful. This post is a few ways How To Increase Battery  Life of Android. Follow the steps below for your smartphone battery more efficient. Here is how to increase battery life of android :

Screen brightness is reduced :
Part is the most widely spend your smart phone battery. You can set it in Settings>> Display>> Brightness>> And Reduce to a lower level.

Screen Timeout :
This section also greatly effect your battery. Set to a minimum so that the batteries last longer. You enough to Settings>> Display>> Screen Timeout>> 15 seconds.

Using a simple wallpaper :
If you use a live wallpaper, it will make your battery wasteful. Might be better off using a simple wallpaper.

Connectivity :
Android smart phone you've got a lot of connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Data Network, Bluetooth, GPRS and GPS, to battery mode may be better off if using 2G and close connectivitys that are not required.
Widgets and home screen :
To save battery life and should use a little bit home screen widgets.

Background data and synchronization :
Satrio recommend that you turn off the background data and synchronization for reduce the load on the connection so the battery can lasts longer.

Vibration mode :
Use a vibration mode for smart phones you cannot make a sound for unnecessary things.

Some applications that can help you :
Many applications in the android market for longer battery life, but I highly recommend using :

Juice Defender
2x Battery Saver

Well, may be only that Satrio can say in this post. Satrio hope this article is useful. SALAM SUCCESS :)


  1. I should consider this tips for my new upcoming Android gadget. Thanks for the tuts here :)

  2. you're welcome..
    comeback again thank you :)