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How to Make a Natural Perfume

How to Make a Natural Perfume

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How are you today? Sure is good, right? Satrio hope all will be fine. Okay this time Satrio will discuss about 'how to make a natural perfume' that can be made at home!

This perfume is a perfume oil recipes based on natural therapies, so for maximum results apply only slightly in the veins of the body such as behind the ears, on wrists and neck.

Instantly! The following are things that need to be prepared how to make a natural perfume :

- 2 tea spoons jojoba oil (for sensitive skin use 3).
- The selection of essential oils (about 20 drops piesse or see chart below my favorite mix).
- Eye dropper jojobaoilbenefits1
- Small glass vials
- Small channel
- Strip of blotting paper

Then the following are the 'steps how to create a natural perfume' :
1. Select 3 or 4 essential oils. Using the basic rules for selecting at least 1 of each record, upper, middle and bottom (see list below)
2. Place a few drops of oil that you choose in the proportion that you want to use them to a strip of blotting paper, let stand for about 5 minutes then take a sniff to see if you have reached your desired effect, then correct if necessary.
3. Pour 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil into a glass bottle using a funnel or eye dropper if necessary, a teaspoon each equal to 40 drops.
4. Add your essential oils. You will need about 20 drops of essential oils in the proportions that you have done.
5. Close and then give a good shake and then sniff to test, correct if necessary just adds one extra drop at a time until you reach your desired scent.
6. Leave a homemade perfume to blend and mature in cool dark place for 12 hours before using.

Okee maybe only that, Satrio hope the article about 'how to make natural perfume' is useful for all blogger friends. SALAM SUCCESS:)

qoute from vietskin[dot]com

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