Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Download And Install BitDefender Antivirus Scanner In Linux

Well, this is the second post after Satrio discuss about how to create privacy policy page instantly.

Antivirus for Linux? Not wrong?

Of course not!

Very warranted if up to now there is no virus that capable to infect even multiply in this Linux operating system. However, it is better if we use the antivirus for Linux just in case.

Monsters Antivirus like BitDefender, AVG, Avast, Avira and similar proved create products specifically for Linux. Based on several trials in Linux Mint 10 64bit, Satrio suggested blogger friends using BitDefender Antivirus Scanner In Linux. GUI display was good, but it is a complete update.

Well for bloggers friends who want to complete Linux with BitDefender Antivirus Scanner please follow the easy steps below :

1. Open a terminal and enter the command gedit/etc/apt/sources.list
2. Add deb non-free end of the file, and save.
3. After saved please re-open a terminal and enter the following command,
sudo apt-key add updatesudo bd.key.ascsudo apt-get apt-get install BitDefender-scanner-gui

4. Finished

The above command will directly download and configure BitDefender for Linux blogger friends automatically.

Once the process please check through the menu - system tools - BitDefender Scanner, the virus database updates and as soon use to scan driver or
flash disk.

Good Luck :)

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  1. Your instructions are out of date and therefore incorrect. As of this moment, the correct/current instructions are found at:

    -- and they are as follows:

    As a service to our Linux-using customers we provide the following software repositories:
    DEB repository

    Add the BitDefender repository key to the list of apt trusted keys:

    apt-key add bd.key.asc

    NOTE that the second command must be run as root or by using sudo
    Add the following line to the /etc/apt/sources.list file:

    deb bitdefender non-free

    Refresh your apt cache by running:

    apt-get update


    aptitude update

    Install the desired BitDefender packages using your prefered apt front-end
    For example:

    apt-get install bitdefender-mail

  2. Forget to add that one more step (which is corrected from what the blog post author had written in the original instructions) is needed to install the bitdefender GUI ; it's:

    apt-get install BitDefender-scanner-gui

  3. that last line should instead be:

    sudo apt-get install bitdefender-scanner-gui

    (Note the case-sensensitive corrections that were made.)